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Welcome to
Embodied Practice®

Entering the labyrinth of the body with consciousness as our guide,

we access the depths of our whole being.

 (Judith Koltai)

We learn to stand as a baby and then we learn to stand and understand with a Master. We, the members of the Embodied Practice Guild and Masterclass, have had the immense privilege to be in the presence and the great teachings of Judith Koltaï Peavy. 


Although she was the shortest of us all, she towered over us with her benevolent laser eyes and saw everything. She taught us the art of attention and discernment, the joy of minuscule movement, and the power of the poetic body. 


She researched and explored with us, asked the difficult questions, and encouraged us to be fierce and fearless in the presence of our own embodied selves.  None of us will ever fill her shoes. We promise to keep her teachings alive in everything we do and with everyone we encounter. We will continue to touch the mysteries of her teachings and make them our own. The bright light of her spirit will fractalize in each of us. We are blessed. 


Judith will never be forgotten. 

Throughout the year, members of the Guild of Embodied Practice offer Embodied Practice informed workshops across the country. Check here regularly to find out where someone is practicing in your area.


For more information, please contact our administrator,

Valerie Campbell, at

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