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Bertherat, Thérèse and Carol Bernstein. The Body Has Its Reasons: Anti-Exercises and Self-AwarenessNew York: Random House (hardcover), 1977. Originally published as Le Corps A Ses Raisons: auto-guerison and anti-gymnastique. Various newer editions available through abe books and amazon.

Brooks, Charles V.W. and Charlotte Selver. Reclaiming Vitality and Presence. Sensory Awareness as a Practice for Life. The Teachings of Charlotte Selver and Charles V.W. Brooks. Edited by Richard Lowe and Stefan Laeng-Gilliatt, North Atlantic Books, 2007

(Formerly: Charles V.W. Brooks: Sensory Awareness. The Rediscovery of Experiencing. Viking Press, 1974.)

Todd, Mabel Elsworth. The Thinking Body. A Study of the Balancing Forces of Dynamic Man. New York: Paul B. Hoeber, Inc., 1937 (original publication). Reprint (unabridged re-publication of original 1937 edition). Hightstown, N.J.: Dance Horizons, an imprint of Princeton Book Company, 1980.

Authentic Movement

Patrizia Pallaro (Editor). Authentic Movement. Essays by Mary Starks Whitehouse, Janet Adler and Joan Chodorow. Jessica Kingsley Publishers, London and Philadelphia, 1999.

Patrizia Pallaro (Editor). Authentic Movement. Moving the Body, Moving the Self, Being Moved. A Collection of Essays. Volume Two. Jessica Kingsley Publishers, London and Philadelphia, 2007

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