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We define the prophetic voice as the one that recognizes present realities as they are, reveal to us the error of our ways, predict what may ensue if we refuse to change, and point the way toward a better life for all. We envision a world in which those who are endowed with such a voice and dare to use it openly will be revered and valued members of families, communities, countries and humanity as a whole. That we will learn to listen and learn from such a voice, rather than shun and condemn it. Our project endeavours to make a tangible and creative contribution toward such a world.


Means and Goals

Our goal is to present an innovative format of performance/workshop and through this to reveal, in a creative form, the universality and the essence of the Cassandra experience rather than the content of the vision. We believe that making apparent the true nature and personal experience of Cassandras, we can make a contribution by: - Giving a safe place for known and unknown Cassandras to speak of and share their experience, to know that they are not alone; - Inspiring a deeper understanding that the "Cassandra voice" is present to some extent in all of us, that together we can be a resounding 'chorus of Cassandras' ; - Altering the misconception of Cassandras as doomsayers or as "irrational" or "overly emotional" people; - Identifying the ways in which the Cassandra voice, the courage to speak the truth, can be encouraged, respected and supported in all of us, and especially in the young, rather than, as often is the case, brutally silenced.

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