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Offerings and Workshops

Please  check our site regularly for updates on future workshops and offerings

Cultivating the Container,

Deepening the Peer Practice


October 14th, 2023


Lynn Wylie Yoga Studio

(202-1600 Bay St.) Victoria, BC

Cost: $80

Val Campbell, a friend and colleague, has generously offered her services at half price to make this workshop more affordable, in support of the ongoing practice of Authentic Movement and the VPG.


The aim of the workshop is to offer time to enter deeply into our practice together. Our main aspiration is to cultivate a strong container with a shared vocabulary and understanding so that the fresh start with new members begins with a clarity of intention for our collective monthly practice time.


The day will include:

-Moving and witnessing practice 

-Principles and guidelines of the role of the witness 

-Creating a strong container as a Peer group.

-Practical details and time for group discussion and questions.



Val Campbell is an educator, actor, director and movement specialist. She leads workshops and retreats combining her decades of experience in theatre and transformational modalities. She is a long-time member of the Guild of Embodied Practice  (1996) under the mentorship of Judith Koltai and founder of the Calgary Authentic Movement Peer Practice Group. She is an Associate Professor Emerita – Drama, School of Creative and Performing Arts at the University of Calgary. 

Invitation to join Victoria Authentic Movement Peer Group (VPG)

FALL 2023


The Victoria Authentic Movement Peer Group is a small ongoing group of committed movers who have been meeting in Victoria since 2015.

Members have come to the VPG with varied experience and backgrounds. Our practice has been supported throughout the years by Judith Koltai and currently by Val Campbell


We have decided to open the group to accept new members in October 2023.


Peer Group Meeting Details:

  • One Saturday a month from September to June

  • 9:45am-noon 

  • Victoria Shambhala Center (2033 Belmont Ave) 

  • Dues are collected annually in September and consist of the cost of insurance and rent divided by the number of members.

  • (approx. $8-$20 per session depending on number of members)


Requirements to join:

  • Attendance at the opening workshop October 14, 2023 (details below)

  • Some previous experience in Authentic Movement 

  • Adherence to group guidelines


Please let us know as soon as possible if you are interested.

To receive details (including cost, group guidelines etc) and to discuss if the group is a fit for you. 

Email Heather: or call 250-661-7952

Payment for the workshop is due September 1st.

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