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"Judith Koltai Peavy's Embodied Practice work has informed my work and my life in ways I could not have imagined. In particular, I cannot overestimate the impact her Syntonics method has had on my visceral understanding of how my body works, and how my voice lives within it. I am so grateful to be a part of the Masterclass.""

"And slowly, incrementally reducing the tendency to repeat habitually... I learn to use the language of the senses to describe my sensory and kinaesthetic experiences...the concrete and specific in the here-and-now than through the more habitual way of abstractly talking about the experience...Then in this physical space, when I describe the present moment using the language of the senses, I am closer to my own true experience... this practice allows me to affirm what I know about my own individual genius and continue to learn about the mystery of living this life...And ready to return to living my life, but in a more embodied way."

"Thank you for a beautiful progression of classes...I feel so much more empowered in terms of my own dialoque with my body and the level of refinement in that conversation. I always so admire your presence in your teaching style and the level of discernment you hold with it."

"I am living with a closer connection to my back body ever since our last Sunday. The work on the chair brought a new awareness for that contact and I experience a different approach to life whenever I remember."

On 'being seen' -

"...en étudiant les textes grecs anciens qui portent sur la danse, je me suis formé l'idée que dans cette culture, se rendre visible est l'origine de tout art..."

"Le temps passe vite, je viens à peine de remettre de mon jet lag et je suis encore frappée par cette enrichissante et intense expérience....Je vous remercie pour votre générosité, pour tout ce que vous m'avez apporté; je suis comblée, inspirée."

"...there was a definite sense of "fearlessness" instilled in all of us as well as a shared experience of support and accomplishment."

"It was a very effective way of both developing physical skills and vocabulary and, especially, increasing my awareness of how I currently use my body and what further options are open to me. It helped begin an increased awareness of physical sensations and impulses and the possibilities of following those..."

"I just want to thank you for your workshop in Vancouver earlier this month. The feelings of coming in to my body in such a wonderful way has changed my world. I am enjoying this feeling so much."

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