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The Masterclass

The collective meets regularly, at least twice-a-year, for study and training sessions: the Masterclass. The focus is the ever-deepening investigation, new discoveries and ongoing practical refinements in Syntonics® and Authentic Movement. Our studies include current developments of neuroscience and physiology. The implications glimpsed from these new insights enable us to better understand the total functioning of the human organism. They help us make useful connections in the application of our practices to healthy, adaptable and creative living.   We also make ourselves aware of social and sociological studies which cast light upon the larger implications of our work and our collective existence. Recently we have been investigating the writings of sociologist Richard Sennett. His book, The Craftsman, has been an invaluable source in clarifying the essence of apprenticeship and the value of disciplined collegiality in the developing and practicing of a human craft. Members are strongly urged and assisted to be actively involved and responsible for studying, researching, and sharing new information and insights. They are also encouraged to meet during the year in small groups within geographical proximities. Judith offers ongoing mentoring, communication and professional supervision as requested and required during the intervals between Masterclass meetings. 

“Sociable expertise doesn't create community in any self-conscious or ideological sense; it consists simply of good practices. The well-crafted organization will focus on whole human beings in time, it will encourage mentoring, and it will demand standards framed in language that any person in the organization (and I would add outside the organization) might understand.”    (Richard Sennett)

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