Structure and Guidelines

The project endeavours to function as a harmonious and innovative blend of collective

creative collaboration as well as social research and experiment in community living.

Our main guiding principles are:

• Absence of bureaucracy and power hierarchy;

• Leadership based on skill and competence;

• Freedom of individual decision-making and action based on confidence and trust

in oneself and others.

The overseeing of tasks is taken care of specific 'councils', such as:

• Council of Actions and Methodologies

• Council of Aspirations and Visioning

• Council of Membership Matters,

• Council of Recordkeeping, Archiving and Bibliography.

Our working and living together is guided by:

• Discipline and rigour appropriately mixed with friendly co-existence

• Tolerance, respect and benevolence toward each person based not on personal preference but on the commonly shared

principles, intentions and necessities guiding the work

• Trust and confidence in each other grounded in the direct experience of dependability and meticulous and timely fulfillment

of agreed-upon responsibilities

• Unwavering commitment to ensuring each person’s physical, social and psychological confidentiality and safety.