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The majority of current members is made up of long-time and ongoing students of Judith Koltai. Some are qualified and authorized by her to teach the practice. The Masterclass also welcomes new members who are experienced practitioners or advanced students of a related practice and who are interested and willing to enter the Masterclass with a long term view of commitment.


A first-time participant arrives on a trial basis for the first year. After that, he/she is considered a member and her/his continued regular attendance is assumed.

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Authorize to Teach

Membership in the Guild and participation in the Masterclass does not guarantee authorization to teach the practices under the registered names. Such authorization is a matter of individual process and occurs after considerable length of consistent study and then only by personal consultation with Judith Koltai.


Because of the evolutionary nature of the work, acknowledged membership in the Guild and authorization to teach under the name of Syntonics® or Embodied Practice® is contingent upon consistent attendance in the yearly Masterclass meetings. After an absence of two consecutive years, authorization to teach under the registered name is suspended and a clear and specific renewal of commitment is required.

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