"Being crushed and cramped by our own musculature

makes us feel crushed and cramped by life;

freeing our musculature enables us to reach

our true height and our real dimensions."

(Thérèse Bertherat)

Syntonics® is a registered trademark in Canada and is currently

practiced exclusively by Judith Koltai and a limited number of experienced

professionals trained and authorized by her.

The principles and practice of Syntonics® is a unique synthesis by Ms. Koltai

of a number of influential works, such as:

-- the discoveries of pioneer French physiotherapist, Francoise Mezières

-- Koltai's studies in Anti-Gymnastique with Thérèse Bertherat, (author of The Body Has Its Reasons)

-- recently ongoing and published new developments in Postural Reconstruction (www.reconstruction-posturale.com)

-- more than 20 years of study with Charlotte Selver in the discipline of Sensory Awareness.

Lineage and Evolution

"Our body is ourself. It is our only perceptible reality. It is not opposed to our intelligence,

to our feelings, to our soul. It includes them and shelters them. By becoming aware of our body we give ourselves access to our entire being - for body and spirit, mental and physical, and even strength and weakness, represent not our duality but our unity.

(Thérèse Bertherat)

"Je fais de la sculpture sur le vivant."

I sculpt the living body.

(Francoise Mezières)

"What we have to offer you is nothing but that

you begin to give up what is hindering you,

and you become a little more normal."

(Charlotte Selver)