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Published Writings

Movement Drama and Therapy in Drama and Therapy, Vol. II, Adults, G. Schattner and

R. Courtney, eds., Drama Book Specialists, NY., 1981.


Authentic Movement: The Embodied Experience of the Text in  Canadian Theatre Review, #78, Spring 1994. pp. 21-25.  


Speaking the Embodied Text. An interview with Judith Koltai by Connie Frey in A Moving Journal, Vol. 5, #2, Summer 1998. pp. 3-6, 16.  


Forms of Feeling - Frames of Mind in Contact Quarterly, Summer/Fall 2002, Vol.27, No.2.

Also in Greek Translation: in Education and Theatre, #7, 2007, Hellenic Theatre/Drama  Education Network, Athens, Greece.  

Making Sense, Getting Through: "The Word's Body" in Canadian Theatre Review, CTR 109, Winter 2002. 


The Pleasure of the Text: Embodying Classical Language in the Theatre Through the Practice of Authentic Movement in Authentic Movement. Volume Two, and Moving the Body, Moving the Self, Being Moved. A Collection of Essays. (Patrizia Pallaro, Ed.) Jessica Kingsley, Publishers, London, UK, 2007.

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