The origin of language is direct experience. Embodied Speaking is the language of direct experience. It is a purposeful active practice to articulate the unity and coherence of action, feeling and thought.

The language of Embodied Practice is that of unfolding potential rather than that of problems. It avoids diagnosis, analysis or interpretation. Its vocabulary is non-evaluative, specific and non-habitual. It is often metaphorical and poetic.

Locus of knowledge and control is in the individual rather than external expertise or authority.

“Our needs are made of words. Without a public language to help us find our words, our needs will dry up in silence. Without the light of language, we risk becoming strangers to our better selves.”

(Michael Ignatieff, speaking of “the language of the human good”)

"Language, like a seed, is the genetic system which gives our millions of small acts the power to form a whole."

(Christopher Alexander, architect)

“The word was born in the blood,

grew in the dark body beating,

and took flight through the lips

and the mouth.”

(Pablo Neruda)

Embodied Speaking

"Speech is the mirror of the soul; as a man speaks, so is he".

(Publilius Syrus,1st C Latin writer of maxims)