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2006 Project


Now in our fourth year of the five year project, we plan to present the work in at least three different situations with various audiences. Although we will be living at the Krishnamurti Education Centre in Mechosin, near Victoria, our work will be carried out in the Sanctuary of the First Unitarian Church of Victoria. We are also pleased that the Board of the Unitarian Church was willing to negotiate our presence in their space for ten days. We feel that we have begun to create a bridge with a community also concerned with the spiritual well being of individuals but whose means are different than ours. A bridge is a link between two places. We are very much looking forward to this as the workspace itself is designed as an open concept and the white walls and surfaces will provide us with the backdrop for film and video projections. Introducing the media elements to our work is a new step in the creation process.

We are also considering having guests spend a few days with us with the possibility of integrating them into the work. This requires special attention and requests will be made to the Council of Membership Matters.

We are planning to have a public presentation of the performance/workshop on August 8th and 10th.


Judith Koltai, Treena Stubel, Sarah Hayward, Gayle Murphy, Joan Maclean, Val Campbell, Louise Walker, François Grisé, Gerry Trentham, Lisa Beley, Valerie Buhagiar, Leslie French, Cindy Block, Sharon Feder, Kathryn Weiler, Monique Léger.

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