“Sociable expertise doesn't create community in any self-conscious or ideological sense; it consists simply of good practices. The well-crafted organization will focus on whole human beings in time, it will encourage mentoring, and it will demand standards framed in language that any person in the organization (and I would add outside the organization) might understand.” (Richard Sennett)

The Guild of Embodied Practice®

"Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world; indeed, it's the only thing that ever has."

(Margaret Mead)

The Masterclass in Embodied Practice® was founded by Judith Koltai in 1996 as a ‘school without walls’. The name has recently changed to THE GUILD AND MASTERCLASS OF EMBODIED PRACTICE®. This acknowledges our evolution: moving away from a ‘workshop’ mentality into a professional study and research collective gathered around the founder and master teacher. There have been several initiatives to move responsibility into the hands and care of the membership in order to strengthen and mature the collective.

We are intending towards a non-hierarchical community, where authority is shared according to competence, skill and experience, rather than 'title'. In this context, we study and practice ways of articulation and human interaction which are supportive in the making and sustaining of a safe, caring and constructively productive collective. Such a practice is, for example, the Dialogue method developed by physicist David Bohm.

A yearly combined membership and tuition fee applies to the Guild and Masterclass. Judith has made it an unconditional policy that finances not be an obstacle preventing participation in any part of her work by those who qualify and are sincerely committed. The Guild and Masterclass wholeheartedly embraces and continues this policy.