The Cassandra Experience seeks to celebrate and encourage the speaking and hearing of the prophetic voice. The project entails performance, written works and research in the social sciences and humanities. The approach is exploratory and experimental. The goal is to affirm the Cassandra Experience to its rightful place in society (and the human experience).

This project has been developed by fifteen, multi-disciplinary, professional artists, academics and others from all walks of life. We invite you to follow our project. Share your thoughts and personal Cassandra experiences. Dare to invest yourself in what you see and know to be true.

Cassandra was the daughter of Priam and Hecuba, King and Queen of Troy. Ancient mythology tells us that the god Apollo gave her the gift of prophecy. He later placed a curse on her, so that her prophecies would never be believed. Cassandra has become a symbol for those who risk speaking what they see, and knowing what inevitably must come from it (the prophetic voice).

The voice of clear vision is the birthright of every human being. Unfortunately, those who dare to speak out and reveal the reality of a given situation are often met with hostility. They are ignored, ostracized, punished and even murdered. They are our Cassandras.