The word 'SYNTONY' comes from the Greek 'synton(os)' meaning

'attuned to', 'to harmonize'. It also refers to healthy and appropriate

responsiveness of the human organism to its environment.

Syntonics® is guided by educational, rehabilitative and aesthetic

principles. The goal is elimination of unconscious dysfunctional

muscular and movement habits and recovery of harmonious

balancing of effort in action and in rest.

Syntonics® addresses itself to habits and behaviours caused

by and manifested in excess muscular contraction and

compensatory dis-alignment.

The tools of the practice are the "Preliminaries" (see Practice below).

These are small, precise, repeated actions, which invite a new vocabulary and a special kind of attentiveness to sensory and kinaesthetic sensation. The most important goal is to incorporate this new awareness into daily activities, so that dysfunctional tension

habits are replaced by conscious and freshly adaptable responsiveness.

“The insights and changes which the study involves are of a deeper nature than learning techniques. However, the study hopefully will influence your way of living in this world, your relation to others, to your tasks, and to your professional activities."

(Charlotte Selver)


"Being crushed and cramped by our own musculature

makes us feel crushed and cramped by life;

freeing our musculature enables us to reach

our true height and our real dimensions."

(Thérèse Bertherat)