The presence of those seeking the truth is infinitely to be preferred to the presence of those who think they have found it.

(Terry Pratchett)

Shauna Haugen

BA, English Literature (UCLA)

Early Childhood Education Degree & Certification

(postgraduate studies in California and British Columbia)

Diploma, Ontario College of Art & Design

Freelance Graphic Design business

Member of the Guild & Masterclass of Embodied Practice®

I first took movement classes as an adult when I moved to Canada from southern California: I was always cold; so, I enrolled in movement classes in hopes of improving my circulation.

I began studying with Linda Rubin in Vancouver at Synergy studios and also explored contact improvisation. When I moved to Toronto, I took some classes at Toronto Dance Theatre with Amelia Itcush and became involved with the Alexander Technique with Nehemia Cohen. Eventually, I ‘found’ Leslie French in the1980s and subsequently, took classes with her for over ten years in Toronto (at Tarragon Theatre and The Centre for Movement). Through Leslie, I was introduced to Judith Koltai and Syntonics® & Authentic Movement, and also to Charlotte Selver and Sensory Awareness. I've studied with Judith Koltai since 1996.

Since moving to the country (and becoming a parent of two children), walking, gardening, yoga, swimming, and ‘just’ daily living and its myriad of relationships offer opportunities to apply my studies in movement and consciousness. Integrating Embodied Practice® into my personal life as mother, wife, artist, professional volunteer and human being challenges, informs and inspires me.

My own curiosity and interest in the human body and healthy, holistic living compel me to pursue Embodied Practice®. Masterclasses provide a forum where I can explore – both personally and within a collective –my own physical structure and being.