“Was somebody asking to see the soul?

See, your own shape and countenance….

Behold, the body includes and is the meaning, the main

Concern, and includes and is the soul.”

(Walt Whitman)


So there one is – exactly where the movement is…….

(Mary Whitehouse)


Judith has developed a simple physical practice, which prepares

the practitioner to the more rigorous discipline of Authentic Movement.

She calls this ‘proprioceptive practice’.

In proprioceptive movement the Movers, under the guidance

of the leader/teacher/facilitator, practice spontaneous responsiveness

to sensory, kinaesthetic and vocal sensations and impulses without

any concern for outcome.

Form of the Practice

The external form of Authentic Movement is very simple.

A ‘Mover’ (or several ‘Movers’) moves, with eyes closed, yielding to spontaneous sensory/kinaesthetic impulses. A ‘Witness” (or several witnesses), with eyes open, offers presence and attention to the Mover. The Witness does not ‘watch’ or ‘observe’ the Mover. Rather, Mover and Witness together participate in the practice of attending to their own directly felt experience.

Cleary and precisely formulated guidelines provide a safe and contained environment in which both Mover and Witness are free and protected from judgement, interpretation or projection. The practice includes reflective speaking and creative forms of articulation to deepen conscious individual and collective insight. The practice of 'percept language' (speaking directly from felt tangible experience) ensures that the practitioner remains active and linked directly to sensory awareness while speaking.