"Speech is the mirror of the soul; as a man speaks, so is he".

(Publilius Syrus,1st C Latin writer of maxims)

Percept Language

“A change in language can transform our conception of the Universe”

(B.L. Whorf, anthropologist)

The term Percept Language originates from the studies and experiments of John Weir. Verbal articulation in percept language requires the individual to re-frame personal experiences in direct tangible and perceptual terms. One is required to consciously recognize one’s own judgements, interpretations and projections. This promotes healthy self-differentiation and has a significant clarifying and beneficial effect both on personal experience and relationship with others.

More detailed information on John Weir and the development of percept language can be found at the Journal of Applied Behaviorial Science website: jab.sagepub.com

“….people exploit what they conclude to be of value, but they defend what they love. (For this) we need a particularizing language, for we love what we particularly know. (We need) the language of reverence and affection by which things of value ultimately are protected.”

(Wendell Berry)