The presence of those seeking the truth is infinitely to be preferred to the presence of those who think they have found it.

(Terry Pratchett)

Olivia Olsen

"I am the cause of my experience."

If I am to explore this I need the paradox of a 'structured space'. A kind of 'Sonnet' where my restrictions can be experienced and where perhaps, vast potential can be unearthed. What is meaningful to me is finding out with my body, through my body, into my body, what is here. I long for direct experience. I long for opportunities which include time to not know, and then, to know.

If only my physical breath, emotional breath, and breath of thought could become truly accepted in their sensation, that I didn't abandon my senses while living. That I cause experience and participate in it, without reserve, seems to me an art.

Moving my body and moving my language, not compromised or inflated, that is meaningful to me. And practicing this, I am learning how there is space for every ones full size and voice.

Authentic Movement and Sytonics® are a way of causing on going depth. My vision is to experience the heart of things with others. Therefore to work in community is of value to me. To touch myself, to touch others with unrestricted breath, is what I have found in this work.