The presence of those seeking the truth is infinitely to be preferred to the presence of those who think they have found it.

(Terry Pratchett)

Marja Cantell

MA, PhD (Clinical Psychology); minor in physical education

Post-Graduate Diploma (Dance Movement Therapy)

Postdoctoral fellow (Human Movement Science)

Professional member of the Dance Therapy Association in Finland

Member of Autenttinen liike (Authentic Movement training in Finland)

Member of Guild and Masterclass of Embodied Practice® ; the physical

practice of Syntonics®

Member of Calgary Peer Practice Group of Authentic Movement

Member of MoMo Mixed Ability Dance Theatre

Private practice: Minding the Body (

Co-Founder: Therapeutic Arts Research Team at Alberta Children’s Hospital

I move to perceive myself in a relationship to others and my environment. As long as I remember, I have had a calling to study movement. This interest has taken me around the world to study movement observation, experiential anatomy, Authentic Movement and dance/movement therapy. Since 2003, I have studied annually with Judith Koltai, the founder of the Guild and Masterclass of Embodied Practice® and the physical practice of Syntonics®. I notice that this ongoing learning with a community of committed practitioners informs me continuously in all spheres of my life - as a daughter, partner, mother, dancer, movement facilitator and researcher. Since September 2010 I live in Europe – a new movement transition still finding its shape. What I am sure of is that my lifelong learning of movement, perception and relationships continues where ever I live.