The presence of those seeking the truth is infinitely to be preferred to the presence of those who think they have found it.

(Terry Pratchett)

Leslie French

BA (Psychology/Sociology)

Authorized by Master teacher Til Thiele (former teacher/principal of the Mary

Wigman School/Berlin) to teach Body Wisdom, Dance, Improvisation and Composition

Certified Sensory Awareness Leader/Charlotte Selver, California

Principal Movement Teacher: George Brown Theatre School/Toronto

Teacher/coach: The Stratford Shakespeare Festival.

Founding Member: The Cassandra Project

During my dance/movement studies I came across the book The Body Has Its Reasons by Thérèse Bertherat. While reading the book I thought: “here is someone teaching like my teachers!” I was pleasantly surprised when I met Judith Koltai at the National Voice Intensive in 1990 to learn that Judith had studied with Thérèse. I was also struck by the relationship of the work to my own studies. I recognized in Judith a teacher on the same path but further on the path than I. I wanted my students to have the opportunity to meet and work with her and so I invited Judith to come to Toronto to do a workshop. This initial invitation turned into a long time collegial relationship of student/colleague/friend. After several years the workshop format evolved into the development of the Masterclass, which I have attended and administrated for many years. I continue to be a participant of The Masterclass of Embodied Practice® and for the last two years have been a supporting member.

My original interest in movement came from a love of dance and a desire to become more conscious in my life. While a member of the Masterclass I studied Sensory Awareness with Charlotte Selver and The Discipline of Authentic Movement with Janet Adler. I have taught at George Brown Theatre School in Toronto for 26 years and am recognized as a pioneer in developing movement work specifically oriented toward the need of actors and theatre professionals. As well, I teach independently outside of the college and offer classes and workshops for the general public. The principles and practice of the work of Embodied Practice® continue to form, inform and give meaning to both my professional and personal life.