The presence of those seeking the truth is infinitely to be preferred to the presence of those who think they have found it.

(Terry Pratchett)

Gayle Murphy

MFA in Performance (York University)

BFA in Drama (University of Calgary)

Associate Professor: Voice (University of British Columbia)

VASTA (member of the Voice and Speech Teachers Association)

Member of The Cassandra Project

My introduction to Syntonics® and Authentic Movement with Judith Koltai took place in 1987 through a series of one day workshops.  A few years later I participated in a workshop for performers where Judith guided an investigation into Authentic Movement and text. Through these initial experiences, I received a glimpse of what it means to be fully awake as an actor and as a human being.  In the early and mid nineties I continued to participate in workshops and also in an Authentic Movement research collective led by Judith.  Since 1997 I have been part of the Masterclasses in Embodied Practice® .  

As a faculty member at Canada's National Voice Intensive where I have taught voice and text, I have also assisted in Judith’s physical practice sessions and have led sessions in text and proprioceptive practice. For twenty-four years I have specialized in Voice for the Actor.  The principles, practices and language of Embodied Practice® are the foundational pillars that challenge, guide and illuminate my teaching.