The presence of those seeking the truth is infinitely to be preferred to the presence of those who think they have found it.

(Terry Pratchett)

Erin Ormond

BFA Theatre, University of Victoria

MFA Acting and Voice, York University

Actor, Voice and Speech teacher

Member of the Guild and Masterclass of Embodied Practice®

The evolution of my study with Judith began when I attended Canada's National Voice Intensive in 1999. My intent was to advance my acting training, and by the end of my time there, I discovered that my passion for voice and movement needed to move beyond my acting work. In my brief introduction to Judith's work, I had experienced the weight and depth in my voice and body that was new and necessary for me to pursue. That fall, I enrolled in York University's MFA and Voice Teaching program under the expert guidance of David Smukler. In the next two years, I had the privilege of working as an associate with the faculty of the Voice Intensive, and I was reminded again and grateful for, how Judith's work opens doors and awakens a sense of curiosity within my personal creativity both in my acting and teaching work. Since joining the Guild of Embodied Practice in 2009, I continue to explore the endless depth and active relationship that embodied practice serves in my personal, professional and spiritual life.