Welcome to Embodied Practice®

Restoration of Structural and Sensory Integrity

Embodied Practice® is an integrative discipline created by Judith Koltai. It is her synthesis of the practices and principles of her trademark method Syntonics®, as well as developments and applications of the practice called Authentic Movement. Embodied Practice® is a registered Canadian trademark discipline, founded and offered exclusively by Judith Koltai as well as by a few experienced professionals trained and authorized by her.

The nature of our work is restorative. The goal is to re-awaken, normalize and expand our human capacity to see, to sense, to feel, to empathize and imagine. We are guided by our natural longing to open up to the resilient delicacy in ourselves and others, and to the deep mysterious realities of existence to which we become insensible over time through habits of conforming and adapting.

Our practice is held safely in the form of precise guidelines and anatomical realities. Our methodology is tangible and physical; observational rather than diagnostic, restorative rather than remedial. Language arises from direct experience and avoids judgement, interpretation and projection.

Because of the ongoing research and evolutionary nature of the practice, the primary method of training and transmission is experiential and oral.

is a study and research collective founded by Judith Koltai in 1996. Its membership is comprised of professional practitioners and advanced students of the humanistic disciplines and the creative arts. It is a research laboratory and a school without walls. Membership is by application and invitation only and requires a long-term view of commitment.