About the Project

The membership of the Project included artists in the performing arts, researchers, administrators, political activists and teachers. We composed an intentional non-hierarchical collective, where authority was based on skill and talent rather than artificially assigned roles. We dedicated ourselves to 10 days per year over five years of creative and collaborative research on the theme of Cassandra: the voice endowed with the gift of prophecy and the curse of not being believed.

Our research, creative process and day-to-day collaborative living was contained and guided by the practice, principles and ethics of the Discipline of Authentic Movement. During the year each individual member of the project undertook their own personal research. We searched for and identified Cassandras amongst private citizens as well as known public figures. We conducted interviews to gather information, hear the stories and discern the specific universal elements in what we called the "“Cassandra experience"”. All this then served as source material on which we based our creative work. Each year we offered the result of our work-in-progress in the form of performance projects and public workshops.